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Sully September 9 Tom Hanks If it is common heroes, pilots of commercial flights could be of the least recognized. This is a clear reality for Tom Hanks, who plays the principal Chesley Sullenberger, known as "Sully" in the latest Clint Eastwood film, which opens Friday.

His is a name that no one would have known if I had not left something terribly Sully wrong with the flight 1549 of US Airways, which used the Hudson River for an emergency landing after a flock of geese caused the momentum was lost the two engines of the aircraft.

"Take responsibility for blowing up to 150 people and if it does its job to perfection Nobody gives a (expletive)," Hanks said. "You can do your job without a single mistake, take off perfectly, landing easily without turbulence and despite this people will hate flying Sully because peanuts were bad and the airline lost his bag."

The "Miracle on the Hudson" was one of those events that reminded people what experienced and discreetly brave pilots who are increasingly engines ignited. The lives aboard his flight are what differentiates it from other airmen who has played Hanks as Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell.

Sully Hanks asked why not work for better for FedEx to carry goods rather than people. Sully And what you said Sullenberger? Have a bad time, cargo pilots fly at night.

What many do not know is that the story did not end watch Sully full movie online and his co-pilot Jeff Skiles when 155 people were safe and sound on the ground. Some 18 months after being investigated by the National Board of Transportation Safety US. Eastwood's film dramatizes this research and doubts were sown at Sully's decision to land in the Hudson, instead of trying to return to nearby airports tape placed between immediate investigation after emergency events.

"I am very pleased that this more complex version of the story to be told because it absolutely nobody knows," Sullenberger, who is now in aviation security consultant said.

Aaron Eckhart, who plays his co-pilot Jeff Skiles said everything was at stake, as their jobs and licenses, what worried them was losing its reputation as pilots. They depended on the results of the investigation of the Board to determine whether those 208 seconds into the flight 1549 could erase their 20,000 hours in the air and all the lives that had led to their destination safely over the years.

This is something I often think Eckhart and Hanks as public figures.

"You're just an anecdote of being the guy who said something stupid," Hanks said.

Eckhart said laughingly: "You're on a tightrope"

"So none of us drink," said Hanks.

They also had the same care to do justice to the real lives they represented.

"Our job is not to spoil the lives of these gentlemen," Hanks, who has experience playing real people in movies said. For him one of the greatest sins is to try to voluntarily alter events to increase tension or give a trial to their motivations.

"Almost a newspaper looking for authenticity in general is the antithesis of the films. It is so easy to lie in the movies," Hanks said. "When I see a movie says 'based on fact' I say 'that's dangerous.' I Based on a true story? There are many things you can 'base' on a true story. Tarzan may be based on a true story".

But things seem to have gone well in that regard.

"I just saw Sully in the hallway and not punched me in the stomach or anything like that so I think it's a good sign," Eckhart said, laughing.

And as Hanks says, "He could be skiing in the water while we are here, but he wants people to know the great team that made this possible."

As for his famous director both actors came to the conclusion that it was best to arrive early and be prepared to set.

Hanks got used to the silent signal with the index meant that the cameras were rolling and everyone was alert. Even he seemed liberating.

"Genuine behavior can spoil things by thinking too much," Hanks said. "Clint knows all the ways you can waste time and do not want to do that."